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    Enterprise Architecture 3.0 (EA3.0) - the third wave in Enterprise Architecture approaches

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    A3 KAM - Triple A(Architectural, Actionable and  Augmented) Knowledge Assets Management

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    ABODE™ business transformation methodology  founded on EA3.0

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    Generalized Enterprise Function Framework  (GEFF)

Business Solution Products and Services

Enterprise Architects Business Models delivers several type of predesigned and generic Business Models. Because of the highly standardized and generic applicability, in conjunction with our fast adaptability, we can adapt them fast against low cost and custom-made for the organization:

  • Business Apps
    these are often used Business Apps applicable for many types of organizations, like inspection Apps for quality of work control in diverse types of business like facility management, environmental checking, asset inspection, etc.
  • Business Processes
    these are generic Business Processes that can be used for many types of applications, like Order-to-Delivery, Delivery-to-Pay, etc.
  • Business Solutions
    Business Solutions are larger and more complex collections of business areas each with several processes to fulfill parts or a larger capability. For example the processes described in ITIL, BiSL, ALM, TOGAF, etc. So typically IT4IT solutions for larger organizations.
    Because the fit of most of the COTS delivered solutions and the requirements of the organization form many gaps, it is almost all times cheaper, and faster to adjust these solutions based on the ABODE™ tools.
  • Business Models
    Business Models are integrated Business Solutions that form a consistent and coherent functionality like a complete set of IT4IT solutions, business models that support smaller organizations, etc.


Enterprise Architects Business Models is constantly developing these solutions and can help with the transformation as specified by the organizations requirements, implementation, and further support.


Technical Interface Products and Services

Generic or specific Technical Interfaces are necessary when administrative application systems or business Apps need integration with tools like DMS, CMS, CRM, General Ledger systems, VOIP, PBX, Exchange, etc. Enterprise Architects Software Development can develop these Technical Interfaces based on the flexible architecture of EA3.0™. With our tools Enterprise Architects develops adapters, if not already at hand, to enable any connection between business Apps, etc. and third-party tools.