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    A3 KAM - Triple A(Architectural, Actionable and  Augmented) Knowledge Assets Management

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    Generalized Enterprise Function Framework  (GEFF)

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    Enterprise Architecture 3.0 (EA3.0) - the third wave in Enterprise Architecture approaches

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    ABODE™ business transformation methodology  founded on EA3.0

Transition Delivery tools


Tools to support Requirement Management

To support Requirement Management Enterprise Architects offers the following solutions and tools:

  • AFR/Function Requirement 
Maintaining the PROSA requirements for each Knowledge Function of the solution
  • APR/PROSA Management
Maintaining details of Principles, Requirements, design Objectives, Standards & Agreements for the solution
  • AAM/PSA Management 
Maintaining the PSA
  • ATS/Transition Support
Supporting the Transition during different phases
  • ATS/Interaction Support 
Supporting modeling EPICs, User Stories, Interaction Design and Presentation Services – Also see ISE

Tools to support Data Management

The following tools and solutions support Data Management:

  • Solutions
  1. Data Governance
  2. Data Architecture
  3. Data Modeling & Design
  4. Data Storage & Operations
  5. Data Security
  6. Data Integration & Interoperability
  7. Documents & Content
  8. Reference & Master Data
  9. Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  10. Meta Data
  11. Data Quality
  •  Tools
  •  Object Modeling
  •  AOM/Conceptual Modeling 

designing the Conceptual Object Model with Enterprise Objects based on the Proposition Model

  •  AOM/Business to Enterprise
mapping objects from Business (Logical model) to Enterprise (Conceptual model) Objects as specializations
  •  AOM/Business to Interaction
mapping objects from Business to Presentation Objects (both Logical model) to generate for Presentation Services
  •  AOM/Business to Data 
mapping objects from Business (Logical model) to Data (Physical model) Objects to generate messages for Information Services and Data Services/APIs that will be used by Service Management See Transition Delivery/Service Management

Tools to support Service Management

The following tools support Service Management:

  • ISE/Int. Service Engineering
Managing and maintaining services based on generated messages for Technical Interfaces on the one side and Knowledge Functions on the other side
  •  Service Maintenance
  • ISE/Int. Service Engineering 
Managing and maintaining services based on generated Objects on the one side and Knowledge Functions

Tools to support Business RuleSet Management

The following tools and solutions support Business RuleSet Management:

  •  ARM/RuleSet Management 
Defining the Business RuleSets including sources of rules and regulations (Source, Law, Capability, etc.)
  •  ARM/Rule Translation 
Semi-automatically translating legal texts into Business Rules, including the definition of Facts
  •  ARM/Rule Execution
Simulation of the Business RuleSet execution in a test environment
  •  ARM/RuleSet Management 
Maintaining and managing different Business RuleSets

Tools to support User Interaction Design

To support the User Interaction Design Enterprise Architects offers the following tools:

  • AAM/Service Delivery Modeling   
Modeling the Service Delivery (Actor to Knowledge Function) incl. attention for Value Creation improvement
  • AUM/EPIC Modeling    
Modeling the EPIC based on the Service Delivery
  • AUM/User Story Design 
Designing the different User Stories per EPIC and Knowledge Function
  • AUM/Presentation Design
Designing the different User Interactions and Windows
  • AUM/Presentation Object Modeling  
Designing and Defining the Presentation Object per window for the generation of Presentation Services
  • AUM/Presentation DME 
Directly Executing/Testing the User Interaction

Tools to support Activity Competence Definition

To support the definition of the Competences of Activities Enterprise Architects delivers the following tools:

  • ACD/Activity Competence Definition 
Defining the necessary competences to use the Knowledge Function
  • ACM/Competence Matching
Supporting HRM to match employees and activities based on necessary competences
  • ACS/Competence Support  
Supporting HRM to start recruiting and selecting
  • ACT/Competence Training
Supporting HRM to plan training employees to gain competences

Tools to support Knowledge Function Management

To support Knowledge Function Management Enterprise Architects delivers the following tools:

  •  Architectural and Action Knowledge tools
  • APM/Process Modeling  
See Business Process Design
  • AFM/Function Management
Managing Knowledge Functions for all types of functional knowledge
Retrieving and storing Knowledge Functions in the Knowledge Function Framework
  • AFI/Function Microflow Modeling 
Enriching and defining the logical microflow of internal actionable Knowledge Function components
  • AOM/Object Modeling 
Modeling Business Objects, relate them to Enterprise Objects, map them to Data Objects and generate the Information and Data messages
  • AUM/User interaction Modeling       
Modeling Presentation Objects, mapping them to Business Objects, generate presentation messages
  • ARM/business Ruleset Management 
Managing Business RuleSets including the sources
  • ISE/Integrated Service Engineering 
Managing the different Messages and based on that build the
  • Information Services  
the services that manage the Business Object manipulations
  • Presentation Services 
the services that manage the Presentation Object manipulations and User Interaction
  • Data Services, and 
the services that manage the Data Object manipulations
  • Technical Services
the services that manage the services of COTS utilities
  • Augmented Knowledge tools
  • AFM/Function Managemen
Managing Knowledge Functions for all types of augmented knowledge
  • Enriched Knowledge Functions (App(lication)s)
can be published in the Knowledge Function Store for use in other organizations
  • Complete Processes 
can also be published in a special part of the Knowledge Function Store for processes
  • Business Solutions
containing several Processes, can be published in the Knowledge Function Store in a special part dedicated to Business Solutions like BiSL, ITIl, ASL, DAMA, COBIT
  • Business Models
deliver several Business Solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are published in the SME part of the Knowledge Function Store

Tools to support Business Process Design

To support Business Process Design Enterprise Architects delivers the following tools:

  • APM/Process Modeling  
Modeling Business Processes based on either of the two modes (BPMN or CMMN)
Access tool to relate each atomic Business Activity of the Process Model to a Knowledge Function
  • AFM/Function Management 
If the Knowledge Function is not enriched or needs to change, the AFM tool is used as a single point of entry for all other Knowledge Function tools for Knowledge Function Management