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    ABODE™ business transformation methodology  founded on EA3.0

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    Enterprise Architecture 3.0 (EA3.0) - the third wave in Enterprise Architecture approaches

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    A3 KAM - Triple A(Architectural, Actionable and  Augmented) Knowledge Assets Management

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    Generalized Enterprise Function Framework  (GEFF)

Evaluation of Service Delivery

Within this Capability the different forms of Value Creation in use with the Customer Organization of Enterprise Architects – Value Disciplines, Balanced Scorecard, Business Model Canvas – are evaluated in more detail.


Problems and Solutions

The creation of value in the service delivery area in more detail is often not satisfying, because the contemporary approach in analysis and design of value creation is too simple and incomplete. With the ABODE™ approach and the Enterprise Architecture (EA3.0™) methodologies and solutions, techniques and tools support in:

  1. The analysis of value creation in many different value dimensions of the service delivery chain of business, information delivery and IT components
  2. The improvement of supporting processes, information systems and Apps
  3. The maintenance and optimization of functional Knowledge related to Value Creation
  4. The analysis of the internal and external innovation Fit/Gap, including proposals for improvement and management of value creation and supporting functional Knowledge
  5. Perform SAFe™ Lean Portfolio - Management: Strategy & Investment Funding
    • Enabling the connection of Transition Portfolio components to Enterprise Strategy
    • Enabling Funding Value Streams
    • Establish Portfolio Flow
      • Strategy & Investment Funding
        • Connect Portfolio to Enterprise Strategy
        • Fund Value Streams
        • Establish Portfolio Flow
      • Agile Portfolio Operations
      • Lean Governance

Tools to support Service Delivery Management

To derive at the different functional and non-functional requirements with the focus on Stakeholder Value Creation Enterprise Architects developed two different approaches. The following tools support the Stakeholder Value Creation Evaluation:

  • ASA/Strategy analysis    
Strategic choice Analysis based on

Analysis tool for Value Creation (Pain/Gain)

Highest dimension of Value Creation
Part of Medium dimensions of Value Creation
  • ASM/Strategic choice Mapping
Strategic choice mapping on the Knowledge Function Model
  • PPM/Connecting to Value Creation
Connecting the Transition Portfolio components already defined in PPM to the initial Strategic Value Creation

Advantages of the Enterprise Architects approach

  1. Continuous improvement of the Value Creation as a whole as far as the details are available at the moment of Evaluation
  2. Optimization of the alignment of Value Creation with Operational Components
  3. Support Lifecycle Management through the availability of architecture, action focused and augmented knowledge
  4. Support of the Improvement of the Delivery process, Information Planning and Business Case Management
  5. The SAFe™ Core Values are safeguarded and improved as follows
    • Alignment
    • Built-in Quality
    • Transparency
    • Program Execution