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    A3 KAM - Triple A(Architectural, Actionable and  Augmented) Knowledge Assets Management

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    ABODE™ business transformation methodology  founded on EA3.0

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    Generalized Enterprise Function Framework  (GEFF)

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    Enterprise Architecture 3.0 (EA3.0) - the third wave in Enterprise Architecture approaches

Stakeholder Management

Planning and progress, including issue thresholds and impact are discussed with stakeholders. From the risk management viewpoint, dynamic risk reports and dashboards are discussed.


Problems and Solutions

Often progress is expressed as time, money and/or quality. With the Enterprise Architects approach the progress of knowledge functionality and dynamic risk is also taken into account. All these issue are accessible by dashboards to be discussed with different types of stakeholders.


Tools to support Stakeholder Management

To support Stakholder Management Enterprise Architects offers the following tools:

  • APS/Planning Support Dashboard
to report on progress (time, money, quality, knowledge functionality, risk, etc.)

Advantages of the Enterprise Architects approach

  1. Minimizing the possibilities of risks, budget overruns, etc.
  2. Maximizing the functionality and quality, etc.
  3. The SAFe™ Core Values are safeguarded and improved as follows
    • Transparency
    • Program Execution