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    ABODE™ business transformation methodology  founded on EA3.0

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    A3 KAM - Triple A(Architectural, Actionable and  Augmented) Knowledge Assets Management

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    Enterprise Architecture 3.0 (EA3.0) - the third wave in Enterprise Architecture approaches

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    Generalized Enterprise Function Framework  (GEFF)

Operational Supplier Management

In Operational Supplier Management Enterprise Architects offers services to manage day-to-day business in Supplier Management like Product Development Management, Contract Management, Work Order Management, Requirement Management, etc.


Problems and Solutions

Operational Supplier Management is often not supported by formal tooling and (flexible) procedures. Enterprise Architects offers tools and processes. The processes can be easily adapted to the organization’s requirements by using the ABODE tools.


Tools to support Operational Supplier Management

To support Operational Service Management Enterprise Architects offers the following tools:

  • AAP/Agile Product specification
Define adjustments and improvements on the Product and Delivery specifications. Register Product Owners, Suppliers and Design teams for Delivery
Defining the Delivery SLAs of new specifications
  • AAP/Work Order specifications 
Define work orders, EPICS, etc. in JIRA/TFS style registrations
  • ASC/Supplier Contract Management 
Define Contract Information and Contract Knowledge Functions. Register communication and actions with Suppliers per Issue

Advantages of the Enterprise Architects approach

  1. Defining Products specifications in order to be used for short and medium term information planning
  2. Defining Contracts and SLAs based on these specifications
  3. Define Work Orders, including EPICS, User Experience, User Stories, etc.
  4. Manage Contracts and Contract Management procedures
  5. The SAFe™ Core Values are safeguarded and improved as follows
    • 5.1. Alignment
    • 5.2 Transparency
    • 5.3 Program Execution