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    ABODE™ business transformation methodology  founded on EA3.0

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    Generalized Enterprise Function Framework  (GEFF)

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    A3 KAM - Triple A(Architectural, Actionable and  Augmented) Knowledge Assets Management

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    Enterprise Architecture 3.0 (EA3.0) - the third wave in Enterprise Architecture approaches

Testing User Interaction

Problems and Solutions

The development of the User Interaction is often performed based on the UX development with steps described separate from the possibilities already automatically available. With the Enterprise Architects approach the separate developed Presentation Services can be combined in a very easy way to immediately start testing as soon as they become available.


To enable this the following Capabilities are supported:

  • Enabling combined testing of all Presentation Services for User Interaction and thus improve the final User Experience

Tools to support User Interaction Testing

To support User Interaction Testing Enterprise Architects delivers the following tools:

  1. ATM/User Interaction Enabling the testing of the complete User Interaction through
    • Testing the functional correctness of buttons, widgets, error messages, etc.
    • Testing the HELP-windows [?]
    • Testing the triple A Knowledge windows with [!]
      • Architectural Knowledge components
      • Augmented Knowledge components
      • Actionable Knowledge components
  1. ATM/User Experience Enabling the testing of the complete User Experience through
    • Testing the cooperation of all of the above mentioned components in their relationship with each other

Advantages of the Enterprise Architects approach

  1. Integrated testing of all previously designed and predefined components
  2. The SAFe™ Core Values are safeguarded and improved as follows
    • Alignment
    • Built-in Quality
    • Transparency
    • Program Execution