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Exquis Query

Exquis Query is a Windows based powerful multi-database query tool for accessing different databases in a simple and easy-to-use grafical way.

It saves your time and requires no SQL programming skills. But you can build complex queries and analyze any set of data you need. Therefore Exquis Query is the perfect database tool for data analysts, database developers and business report developers.

It can be combined with our Exquis Reporting Tools to become a complete set for analysys of buziness data and building professional and meaningful business reports. Exquis Query can help you optimize your data management and analysis activities and increase sales and profits. It is a powerful tool to help your business.

No programming knowledge is required.

To use Exquis Query you only need basic knowledge of SQL concepts and you can build queries with sorting, grouping and complex criteria. With the build EXPRESSION EDITOR you can compose the needed SQL query easy and fast and run it anywhere.

SQL programming skills are not required. You don't need to manage technical details. Exquis Query itself generates the SQL code, which could be used directly into the Exquis Designer to get started building your reports or analytics. It is also possible to save SQL query into a ".SQL" file and use it in any other application that needs SQL statements.

Exquis Query offers Automatic connections

Exquis Query reads the metadata of the databases which you would like to query or analyze and links tables automatically. If this metadata is not available, Exquis Query offers an intelligent agent  that searches for possible and relevant links, and helps to find the right connections. You can also define connections manually, but there will be no need for this in many cases. Exquis Query recognize and resolves differences between "SQL" dialects for different databases seamlessly. The user will not be confronted with these technical issues anymore.

Exquis Query for the experienced query programmers

Exquis Query can is preffered from experienced query programmers for many reasons. The main advantage of Exquis Query that it savels a lot of time because typing long SQL statements is replaced by composing queries graphically. With or without the use of the wizards.