Key Topics

The foundation of Enterprise Architects’ proposition is given in Key Concepts.

The organizational philosophy behind EA3.0 (Enterprise Architecture 3.0 - the third wave in Enterprise Architecture approaches) is explained here.

The driving principle of Enterprise Architects is that any organization creates Value with its Proposition to its Stakeholders. This implies that components of value, called knowledge assets, should well be maintained and developed.

Knowledge about the organization and how the organization operates (operating model) within their context, is such an asset.

However, not all organizational knowledge is relevant, especially when radical change is to be taken place. Therefore Enterprise Architects distinguish Knowledge Assets that have real value for the organization in both the As Is and the To Be situation. This is discussed in Knowledge Asset ManagementTM.

Next EA3.0TM, the third Enterprise Architecture “wave” is described as a (r)evolutionary development from Zachman’s first ideas on architecture based on his framework. The key benefits of EA3.0TM are discussed to get a complete overview of all ins and outs.

Enterprise Architects not only offers the benefits of EA3.0TM, but also delivers a Business Transformation Methodology for radical change called ABODETM (Architecture Based Organizational Development Environment). 

Next to EA3.0TM and ABODETM Enterprise Architects developed several tool suites, products, services and use different resources supportive to the radical change approach. In the Proposition of Enterprise Architects the most important products (our Enterprise Architecture concepts, and our transformation methodology), our services (how we deliver radical change), and our resources (with what we deliver: our tools) are discussed.