Introduction to Business Solutions

To accelerate business transformation is necessary to make business knowledge (actionable, augmented, architectural) available for other organizations. Enterprise Architects, together with affiliated organisations, is therefore developing generic business solutions that are usefull for most or sometimes all organizations.

These business solution models (Enterprise Architects normally uses the term Earning Model for what others call a business model) are  predefined, highly adaptable, combinations of business  functions that can be used in business processes, and other business components. Because of the Enterprise Architects’ proposition, these can instantly be adapted, deployed, and used.

The IPM (see Integrated Information Portfolio Management) is a combination of ten such business solutions. Enterprise Architects also develops a solution for the idea, design, development, deployment, usage, and abandonment phases of large scale complex construction configuration projects (see CCF). A new knowledge framework will be developed for knowledge management of all the construction components for all six phases of the construction lifecycle.

Together with project management processes, project management office processes, time-reporting processes, etc. this will deliver a complete set of solutions for projects in the construction and installation area, like ships, oil platforms, factory installations, complex buildings, etc. The project management processes and the project management office processes will become available also for the Portfolio Lifecycle Management solution as presented above.

Besides these developments Enterprise Architects is adding A3 KAM functionalities to the CCF Business Solutions.