ABODE™ stands for Architecture Based Organization Design Environment. ABODE is the Enterprise Architects BV business transformation methodology founded on EA3.0™ and making optimal usage of the supporting tools.

ABODE is focused on intrinsically changing the organization to make it more agile and flexible,while changing the business and ICT transformation  processes drastically themselves.

It is thus supportive to other transformation approaches like socio-technics, business reengineering, etc. These and ABODE can very well cooperate while delivering synergetic results.

The starting point of ABODE is the already defined strategy with its strategic choices concerning:

1.The group of relevant stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, etc.
2.The value creation approach: how the organization is looking to create value for each group of stakeholders
3.The contemporary and future proposition with which the organization wants to create value
4.The Management Charter or necessary competencies, capacities, and capabilitis necessary to realize the value creation

If these are not totally clear, using ABODE™ can help with preparing them to the right detail.

Based on strategic choices EA3.0™ architecture domains are developed, first with the strategic architecture, which lays the foundation for further investigations and developments.

Next two parallel roads will be followed. The first being the analysis and planning of business transformation itself – either completely based on the ABODE approach or in combination with another one.

The second-line analysis on the architecture domains, like the business architecture, the organizational  architecture, the information architecture, the ICT architecture and the technical architecture can all partially be performed in parallel.

Transformation, architectural analysis and planning need to regularly synchronize as to exchange ideas because the partial developments will come  with solutions that need to be challenged constantly.