Supportative Tools

Besides the above mentioned Design tools, the following tools deliver support to different areas:

1. Application Rationalization
2. Conversion, Migration & Data Cleansing
3. AMM – Marketing Modeler
4. ICA – Impact of Change Analyser
5. ASM – Strategy Modeler
6. BVM – Value Manager
7. Reporter
8. Exquis Suite

Application Rationalization

As partly explained when discussing the ACF (Application Comparison Framework – see page Assessment tools), Enterprise Architects can compare very differently named applications, map them on the ACF and then rationalize the application landscape based on duplicate functionality mapping. From a Business Value and Technology Value view, Enterprise Architects can evaluate different conversion/migration scenarios to rationalize the application landscape further.

Application Rationalization (AR) within the Abode™ product suites offers a range of products ans service delivering more insight into the state of the organization’s application landscape than other AR products. Applications with completely different names can be matched. This is particularly applicable when organizations have to merge or rationalization is used to centralize and rationalize data centers.

Detailed technological and financial/economical assessments result in different migration scenarios, based on multi-angle viewpoints that deliver more insight. Based on these multi-angle viewpoints better decisions can be made.

Data analysis solutions, like an integrated information portfolio data warehouse environment, enable the organization to base their decisions on more than the standard analysis reporting. User-friendly analysis and reporting tools can rapidly produce sophisticated information about the status of the portfolio, address the necessary challenges, support migration planning, etc. This results in diminishing the number of licenses, reduction of maintenance costs, while technological improvement projects, while business functionality improvement initiatives can be set up easily.


Enterprise Architects distinguishes the following phases to derive at excellent Application Rationalization results:

1. Scoping & Start-up
2. Assessments
2.1. Business Assessment
2.2. Application Inventory Assessment
2.3. Value Framework Assessment
3. Launch
3.1. Loading the Framework(s)
3.2. Application Rationalization Analysis
3.3. Application Rationalization Reporting & Decision Support
4. Results Reporting
4.1. Workshops
4.2. Finalizing AR Report
5. After-Care
5.1. Setting up the AR/BI Environment
5.2. AR Training
5.3. Coaching
5.4. Information Portfolio Planning

Please refer to our download page for more information on Application Rationalization.

Please also see the next paragraph. 

Conversion, Migration & Data Cleansing

Together with one of our partner companies we offer an Any-to-Any conversion and migration approach. Enterprise Architects can convert (software) and migrate (data) from nearly any programming or scripting language to nearly any other language, respectively from any data management system to any other database management system.

In cooperation with our partners we are able to nearly migrate (data) or convert (application logic) from any to any environment or platform.


- An on demand application portfolio analytical service based on market standard metrics which provides decision making information for management and detailed queries which provide instant detailed information with more than 100 reports.

- A repository that can be reloaded on a regular basis, regenerating dashboards and analytics to measure application portfolio management improvements.

- Providing architects, DBAs, analysts and programmers several views on the applications in order to define changes and improvements on the fly; a steep learning curve to novice IT people understanding applications; automated modernization capabilities as a result of the analysis and dashboards based on the repository; and a day-to-day continuous application portfolio optimization platform for the IT department.

- Analytics and quality-risk reports that can be viewed on single applications specifically, up to an entire portfolio of applications.


- Up and running very quickly, almost 100% automated
- Provides a service from initial assessment up to a complete modernization initiative
- Analysis and dashboards can run as a service or as a continuous set of daily development maintenance optimizers and governance tooling
- Will uncover missing pieces and documents undocumented elements
- Increase learning curve for IT development resources
- Reduces the IT development resource pool
- Provides a workbench for development teams
- Proven track record supporting large application portfolios
- High performing tools and scalable
- Reduces development and maintenance costs
- Improves application performance and quality
- Provides high quality applications through improved architecture and well documented applications


Enterprise Architects and their partner distinguishes the following phases to derive at excellent Migration & Conversion results:

1. Load & Model the Repository
2. Perform Application Portfolio Assessment
3. Perform Application Rationalization
4. Execute divers migration scenarios:
4.1. Convert Any-to-Any source logic
4.2. Migrate Any-to-Any data structures
4.3. Renovate and/or Replatform
4.4. Modernize
5. White Box Testing
6. Deployment Facilitation

Please refer to our download page for more information on Migration & Conversion.

AMM Marketing Modeler

The AMMMarketing Modeler – belongs to the ADS, Defined Suite, but can be used for the Managed Suite (AMS) also. This tool is supportive for initially setting up the BFM or Business Function Model. As the structure of the GEFF and BFM are based on the proposition the organization offers to create value to their stakeholders, it is necessary to model the proposition itself. AMM consists of three tools:

1. The Proposition Modeler
2. A Data Entry Generation tool
3. The BFM Generator

Proposition Modeler

With the Proposition Modeler it is possible to model Types of Products, Services, and Resources, and all other necessary proposition components. AMM Proposition Modeler uses a standard or preset Proposition Model. This standard Proposition Model may not be changed, but other proposition components can be added to it, like Price and price-related components (rebates, price-lines, etc.), Customer related components, Channels, etc.

Data Entry Generator

With this tool simple maintenance applications for the Proposition Model components are generated. With these applications the Marketing Department can maintain their Product Catalogue.

BFM Generator

Based on the Proposition Model and the standard BFM (sBFM) a BFM specifically applicable for the organization is generated.

ICA Impact of Change Analyzer

Although this tool is available for users of the AMS, Managed Suite, it is not advised to use this tool before an extensive knowledge of the different architectural and IT components, and measures concerning the design and development projects are available for the organization.

ASM Strategy Modeler

BVM Value Manager



Enterprise Architects delivers a proprietary solution for analyzing data,monitoring it and delivering high-quality reports. The following products are available:

1. Migrate & Process - It enables rapid migration from data gathered in a multitude of databases and spreadsheets to a SQLserver based reporting database.  

2. Designer, Query, and Viewer - Exquis Information Suite is used successfully by managers of different levels in the organization, while dashboards deliver accessible information especially for top managers.

3. Portal and Mobile Apps

4. Scheduler - Exquis Scheduler automatically updates and publishes reporting sets created with Exquis Designer. You will always have the latest, most relevant information in your personal data mart.

5. Exchange - Exquis Exchange is a mailserver for your reports. Exquis Exchange automatically updates your reports periodically and sends them to preselected email addresses in Adobe PDF format.

6. Website AnalyticsWeb Analytics solution will help you to increase the efficiency of the functioning of your websiteExquis Web Analytics Dashboard provides an opportunity to analyze how marketing activities contribute to the achievement of company goals.

For more information about the Exquis products please visit