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The world around us changes at an increasing pace while governments block the operation by piling up more and more rules and regulations that slow necessary business transformation down.

Meanwhile, competition accelerates leading to a higher need to fulfill the most urgent internal transformations. Projects, however, seem to take longer time every year, with higher costs and lower quality results. The perception of management rises that flexibility and agility are no meaningless buzz words but are essential for survival.

However, the alignment between strategy and business, and business and ICT are completely unsatisfactory. The Time-to-Market seems to take longer and longer every time a new product has been developed, thus giving competition an even bigger advantage. With that, the governance model of organizations is partial, incomplete, and not aligned with the value creation model as defined in the organization´s strategy resulting in unnecessary risks. Business transformation and ICT developments are not able to accelerate but are actually constantly slowing down.

Change projects overrun their budgets resulting in decreasing opportunities for other necessary investments: much too much money goes down the drain... While the organization struggles with slow changes competitors get the lead and the organization seems to lose the battle for the market. The losses pile up, governance seems to get out of control, the financial situation is worsening...

What is needed is a higher flexibility and agility, better governance, and a completely new transformation approach. For this, first, the change and transformation processes should become faster, cheaper, and delivering results at a higher quality level. Next, value creation management should be based on coherent and consistent Business Value Models and control systems should steer on the right measures. Finally, it is necessary to have a very flexible proposition model embedded in all relevant parts of the organization.

Therefore organiza


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